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A-Team All-Stars Sean Zevran



142 min.


Armond Rizzo, Sean Zevran, Topher DiMaggio, Ryan Rose, Andrea Suarez, Josh Conners, Brian Bonds, and Derek Atlas


A-Team All-Stars Sean Zevran Falcon NakedSword Gay Porn Movies Free – Hot Armond Rizzo, a regular patient of Dr. Sean Zevran, is waiting for him in the examination room. When the doctor asks about his medical problem, Armond explains it’s his lower back this time, and that the last therapy he received was quite beneficial. Armond removes his shorts and climbs onto the examination table on all fours, his ass up in the air and legs spread, to show the doctor where it hurts. Dr. Sean injects lubrication into Armond’s beautiful hole and gives a thorough digital insertion with his fingers.
A-Team All-Stars Sean Zevran is desperate to assist Armond, so he ups the ante by inserting a stainless steel ball probe into his hole and giving Armond a serious face fucking with his rock hard, thick dick. Armond finishes the treatment by wrapping his ass around the doctor’s enormous cock, and Armond gets ready to receive it. Dr. Zevran sits back on the examining table as Armond drops his eager butt into Dr. Sean’s massive dick. Rides it hard in reverse cowboy while jerking his cock till streams of cum drip down.

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