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After School Special



81 min.


Max Martin, Jordan Ashton, Dustin Cooper, Dean Holland, Max Morgan, Elijah White, Timo Garrett, Bryan Slater, Kirk Cummings, Danny Brooks


After School Special, GayLife Network Gay HD Porn – Ready to train your rooster? Elijah and Max rate monotony very strongly. The fucking starts in class as Max’s hot ass gets slapped all over the room! When hardworking teacher Brian catches one of his students watching a cock sucker, unlike the boy’s hot tight ass, it’s not enough to buy his complicity! But Timo is already enthusiastic. Finding a drawing of his penis convinces the horny teacher to give the boy the real thing. Dean seeks advice from Danny’s teacher, who is always looking for sex, but the man soon falls prey to the boy’s passion. He finds himself in prison with Jordan and his friend Max, using the room in a totally unwanted way and leaving a complete mess! After School Special.

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