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Agents X 2



80 min.


Thiago Monte, Chris Llesca, Gabriel Phoenix, Dmitry Osten, Mathieu Ferhati


Agents X 2, Ridley Dovarez Gay HD Porn – Five years after the first Agent X, Agent Clegg 00Sexe no longer exists, and a new threat has emerged that threatens to upset the sexual balance of the world. This time the devil comes from the cold, or rather, from Moscow. Agent Dmitry (Dmitry Osten) is determined to eliminate our favorite gay spy. The international community of Agent X, led by Agents MUM (Agents X 2), including Gavier Phoenix, Mathieu Ferhati, and Chris Reschka, will join the defense protocols of Alpha du Centauri. Will they be able to beat the oncoming Siberian storm?

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