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Ambush Massage 70



67 min.


Kristof Trnka, Leo Lombar, Diego Canales, Rob Blond


Ambush Massage 70, William Higgins Gay Porn HD Free – Kristof Trnka is a handsome man with a nice, toned, slim body. He is dressed in his underwear and lies on his stomach on the bed waiting for his massage. The masseuse arrives in his underwear and begins massaging him with oil. His oiled hands begin to massage first Christophe’s shoulders and then his neck. Then he glides over his entire back, returning to his shoulders. His back glistens with oil as his hands move up and down, working Christophe’s spine. Then the hands push the underwear out of Kristoff’s sexy ass. They slide over his buttocks and into his crack. Long strokes pass down the spine and over that hot ass. Ambush Massage 70 gay porn FREE!

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