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Ambush Massage 75



72 min.


Paul Fresh, Stefan Salvator, Carlos Salvador


Ambush Massage 75 William Higgins Gay Porn Movies Download free HD porn videos – Str8’s Philip Vacek is a handsome mans who only appears attractive when he is lying face down on the bed in his underpants waiting for a massage. His enormous cock jerks between his legs as oil drips down his hot ass, and his balls also get slashed. As Philip’s cock is yanked off, the balls are kept in place. His small opening is rubbed by fingers as well, and then someone enters. As the cock expands even more, a finger fucks that hot hole. As the cock jerks violently, fingers fuck deep inside the hole. Paul Fresh, who is always in demand, walks in for a massage, and as soon as he strips down to his underwear and lies on the massage table, we get a good look at his massive, gorgeous body.
As soon as the massage therapist enters, she begins massaging Paul’s back. Then Paul’s underwear is taken off, showing off his hot ass. Paul is then lifted up onto his knees after having hands pulled up his ass. His sensitive cock is then pulled between Paul’s legs by one hand. He gets his cock nice and erect with a slow jerk. Paul’s balls and cock are both jerked by the same hand. The cock tightens up and eventually fires a huge load into Paul’s seductive chest. Stefan Salvatore is a highly attractive and alluring man.
He enters the room face down on the bed for a massage. The masseuse, Ambush Massage 75, will start working on Stefan’s back soon after entering. Then Stefan’s underwear is taken off, showing off his hot ass. As soon as that hot ass is covered in hands, someone reaches down and pulls Stefan’s firm cock from between his legs.

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