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Apprentice Blue Chapters 5-9



93 min.


Bishop Angus, Cole Blue, Dale Savage, Felix Kamp, LeGrand Wolf


Apprentice Blue Chapters 5-9 free gay porn download Carnal Network on Under the direction of the Masters, Apprentice Blue, a recent recruit to The Order. Eagerly navigates a world of intense, ceremonial trials of pleasure. He goes through life-changing events like symbolic ordinations and anointings, which strengthen his commitment and comprehension of his place within the all-male fraternity. Cole is guided to new and higher levels of awareness by his teachers. Bishop Angus, Felix Kamp, Dale Savage, and Legrand Wolf. These experiences will leave a lasting impression on both him and you. Also the first episode of this porn movie is available on our porn site. Apprentice Blue Chapters 1-4.
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