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Ashton Does It Better



86 min.


Ashton Summers, Clark Delgaty, Deacon, Dom King, Pierce Paris


Ashton Does It Better gay porn free download on has returned to our attention with a feature on Ashton Summers, a toned latin power bottom. Ashton’s costars find him utterly captivating. He can’t seem to avoid the passionate gazes they encounter throughout town. Rumors spread quickly. It’s common knowledge today that Ashton Does It Better. Although Dom King seems to be going to bed. He is actually getting ready for his date with the attractive Ashton Summers, who has several tattoos. As they hold hands and take pictures on the sidewalk, the boys’ chemistry is obvious. When they return to Dom’s hotel room, their kissing becomes even more intense. Johnny Donovan and the attractive Ashton Summers are spending a lovely, peaceful evening together. While having sex on the couch, Ashton takes off Johnny’s shirt. And starts petting the adorable blond’s immaculate figure.
During their Valentine’s Day dinner, Clark Delgaty’s boyfriend breaks up with him. Nevertheless, his adorable waiter matches and brings over hot single diner Ashton Summer. Without waiting for their waiter to return. Ashton devours Clark’s cock and begins playing footsie beneath the table as an appetizer. Hottie Ashton Summers requests to try on a new pair of sneakers, and Pierce Paris, a shoe enthusiast, gives him the whole treatment, taking off and sniffing the attractive customer’s shoes. When Pierce takes his dick out and rubs it before fucking his foot, Alex is shocked yet ecstatic. Enjoy download gay porn Ashton Does It Better. Free gay porn download categories: Feature / Parody, Uniform.

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