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Axel Hard as a Rock



81 min.


Axel Rockham, Jason Emre, Kyle Fletcher, Presley Scott, Shawn Brooks


Axel Hard as a Rock Download Gay Porn.  Featuring Axel (Axel Rockham), Shawn (Shawn Brooks), Jason (Jason Emre), and Presley (Scott Presley). Sean Cody presents Axel Hard as a Rock. The muscular hotties get back to the studio to get serious about sex after a trip to the park. Where Axel displays his fun side with a dance and Kyle strikes sensuous postures. As they go into the studio. Blonde Shawn and stocky Axel can’t help but stare at each other. Pulling off the bottom’s shirt, Axel says, “Let’s get this off,”. And he swiftly undresses so Shawn may suck him.
Sandy-haired novice Today is Jason’s first shoot with Axel. But before they begin, they have a test to complete. Can they smash a watermelon between their thighs? Jason doesn’t even scratch his, opting instead to relax and watch as Axel clamps his strong legs around the fruit and squeezes till it splits apart, giving Jason the chills. Axel and Presley, two attractive but bald men, are in the bedroom making out and eager for more. neat and tidy After removing their clothes, Presley deepthroats Axel and licks his balls in a sensuous manner. Enjoy gay porn DVD Axel Hard as a Rock!

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