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Bearded and Banged 2



87 min.


Jafar Azeezi, Koby Lewis, Pan Bash, Ronnie Stone, Ty London, Tyler Jenkins, Zac Johnson


Bearded and Banged 2 Download Free Blake Mason on gay top. These friends with facial hair are back on fire. Gorgeous Zac was eager to get smacked around by the hairy Jafar. Koby has a thing for macho guys like Tyler, who is horny and hardworking. Pan, the gorgeous Turkish twink, is a fortunate charm for Irishman Zac. Ronnie, an inked circus performer, is hoping to get laid with Ty, a young man from London. This is all covered in Bearded and Banged 2 for gay top net. Gay porn categories: Skinhead / Gopniks Porn, Hairy Gay Men.

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