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Bearded Sluts



76 min.


Joel Someone, Alex Hawk, Harper Davis, Silver Steele, Parker Logan, Atlas Grant, Tyler Phoenix, Saul Leinad, Max Cameron, Hans Berlin


Bearded Sluts, Eldorado Pictures Gay porn – They are tidy and trim or bushy and unruly, beards are hot at the moment and that can only be a good thing for this bearded heifer because they are horny as hell and looking for some serious man and man love. Hot and hirsute, these guys are all up for toned, well-endowed and intense dick action. In this one, tongues are on full blast, cocks are licked, sucked, ass-fucked, kissed hard, and duked out, and with 10 pairs and 5 scenes of spontaneous bareback fucking and cum explosions, you’re in for a real treat. Gay Porn Movie — Bearded Sluts — Belongs To Such Categories: Daddies

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