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Better Sex Comes with Age



79 min.


Alexander Garrett, Brody Fox, Drake Anderson, Gio Caruso, Jayden Woods, Justyn Cruz, Marco Lorenzo, Rego Bello, Rick Kelson, Jayden Woods


Better Sex Comes with Age. In the shower, Jayden Woods and Rego Bello become intimate. Brody Fox desires a taste of Rick Kelson, the adult bear. They both decide to get down and dirty in the shower since they can’t help but fall in love. Following a brief introduction, Marco Lorenzo and Justyn Cruz team up to demonstrate. That getting older doesn’t always make for greater sex. Drake Anderson is enticing Alexander Garrett to give him a taste. Better Sex Comes with Age, so unable to resist, he decides to get nasty in the locker room with the older hunk. Enjoy gay porno DVD.

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