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Better Sex Than Studying



137 min.


Michael DelRay, Nathan Styles, Zion Nicholas, Carter Woods, Chad Piper, Jake Porter, Dalton Riley, Dante Martin


Better Sex Than Studying, Next Door Studios Gay HD Porn Free – Dante Martin thinks Zion Nicholas would be a good companion, not for his studies, but for something else. It just so happens that the fucking is much better, though, as he fills Dante with his thick cock and then shoots bullets at him. Better Sex Than Studying shows Michael Del Rey the handcuffs that have been uncovered in his area, he realizes that their game is going to be a little more bizarre than usual. Smiling, he expresses his excitement to Dalton. Seeing his roommate, Nathan Stiles, reading alone in his room, Chad Piper thought he was just killing time. But when he turns around, a hard cock peeks out from under his jeans and he realizes Nathan is reading something hot and heavy in that room. Lucky day for Jake Porter.

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