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Big Dicks At School 2



131 min.


Cliff Jensen, Tyler Sweet, Tyral Alexander, AJ Monroe, Ridge Michaels, Kirk Cummings, Shane Frost, Tyler Saint, Matt Cole, Trevor Knight


Big Dicks At School 2, Gay HD Porn – If this is half as much fun as their online scenes, you’ll be happy. (’s follow up to Big Dicks at School includes the sexiest teachers, sexiest students and biggest dicks. Shane Frost and Trevor Knight fall in love on campus, Big Dicks At School 2 for dick-porn classes, Tyler Sweet flirts with Professor Matt Cole, tattooed Cliff Jensen studies (and convinces him to take it), and Butch’s best player, Tyler Saint, takes on Kirk Cummings to see if he can rise to the challenge of wrestling. We’ll post the full review soon, but if you’ve ever had the slightest inkling that you’d like to fuck your professor or roommate, those big dicks at school will have you looking for lube and cum right away.

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