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Blind Fate



123 min.


Dante Colle, Carter Woods, Anthony Moore, Marcus Tresors, Ty Derrick, Quin Quire, Jackson Cooper, Ryan Jordan, Trevor Laster


Blind Fate Next Door Studios Gay HD Porn – Trevor Lasseter needs some break after a fairly catastrophic motorbike leak. He’s fortunate that his friend Carter Woods is here to assist. After loosening Trevor’s upper body, Carter concentrates on Trevor’s pants. Ty Derrick doesn’t know what to anticipate when Marcus Tresor first comes on his door after meeting online and briefly spoke on the phone, so he’s pleasantly delighted to see a hunk there.
Dante Colle and Ryan Jordan, two new friends, grab a private area to themselves while the rest of the pool party continues without them. Dante is eager to find out if Ryan is being truthful about the dimensions of his package. He is unaware that they are being watched by a spy who is also quite intrigued, though. Blind Fate yearns for Anthony Moore’s speciality sausage before either of them have breakfast despite the sun being out and the coffee being hot.

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