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Blow Me Up!



78 min.


Josh Gambo, Felix Jakes, Joel Tamir, Nick Fox, Timmy Williams, Danny Jones, Connor Davis, Josh Evans


Blow Me Up! Staxus Gay HD Porn Download Free – You shouldn’t miss one of Staxus’ sexiest Euro-winks having unrestricted, open sex on springy beds! Timmy and Felix enjoy playing together, so it’s not surprising that they end up kissing on a mattress in the garden. Timmy is ready to receive his reward while sucking and foreseeing Felix’s every need. Felix, who is rock solid, will soon be piercing the child in places we could only imagine! Josh is promptly thrown into the mattress by Nick, and the fun begins! Thanks to Nick sucking him up and probing him in the hole, Josh will soon be rock hard.
Nick, however, is just getting started as he bounces up and down the boys’ shaft! The third scene is Conor’s debut, so it’s okay if he’s anxious. However, with Josh nearby, the scenario gets off to a terrific start with Josh kissing and undressing the lad till he has him in 69 position as he wants him to be before making his lovely hole! It goes without saying that both boys give their best efforts for the first time on Blow Me Up!

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