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Blue Collared Bitch



124 min.


Ben Masters (mainstream), Cristiano, Elliot Finn, Roman Todd, Theo Brady, Trevor Brooks, Trevor Harris


Blue Collared Bitch Download Gay Porn. Sleek features, powerful gaze, stunning males, and amazing cocks. You’ll be blown away after spending a night in the city with Jake (Roman Todd). featuring Theo Brady and Roman Todd. Things grow hotter when Cristiano uses a hookup app to find skater guy Trevor Harris because he is eager and ready to fuck. Especially when they start fucking right away. As a mechanic, Roman Todd? Amazing. Roman Todd banging Elliot Finn as a mechanic? Excellent. Trevor Brooks is horny since he has been waiting for his supper for so long. extremely aroused. Trevor, therefore, desires more than just a meal when Ben Masters brings his food. Then watch Blue Collared Bitch as Trevor fucks Ben till he passes out.

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