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Bottom Games 5



95 min.


Apollo Fates, Cyrus Stark, Devyn Pauly, Gunnar, Jax Thirio, Masyn Thorne


Bottom Games 5 Gay Porn Free. Apollo Fates challenges Jax Thirio to a game of Bottom Games 5. In which the winner beats the loser. They play a few cards until Jax wins, at which point Apollo pulls his trousers down and bends over the table. Ready to suck Jax’s massive cock. Cyrus Stark joins Jax in tossing rocks into a pot. They turn it into a game, announcing that whomever throws the most rocks into the pot would get his dick sucked. Cyrus finds himself on his knees after a few rounds. Jax challenges Gunnar to a game of water pong. Which the loser must suck the winner’s dick. Gunnar claims he isn’t interested in homosexual things. But it turns out that Gunnar is far more interested in gay things than he claims.

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