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Boys Weekend



72 min.


Cristiano, Greg Dixxon, Joey Mills, Kane Fox, Nick Cranston, Spikey Dee


Boys Weekend Gay Porno Free on Spikey Dee and Joey Mills, the adorable couple, are eager for some sun-soaked fun in the sun during Boys Weekend at their favorite fathers’ house. As Spikey and Joey are making out in the water, Joey starts sucking his boyfriend’s enormous cock. But the other guys start splashing and break up their moment. Bearded hottie Greg Dixxon gets help from Spikey with the wieners on the grill. Greg gives him a good suck, but again. He leaves him with blue balls, so the twink follows Greg into the kitchen and fries his butt.
Kane Fox is lustful after a full day of enjoyment. But his boyfriend Cristiano claims he’s too exhausted for even a blowjob. Kane’s hopes are fulfilled when he sees twink Joey Mills peeking in. He kneels by the side of the bed and Joey crawls below to suck him. Joey’s under-the-bed discovery causes Kane’s boyfriend to bolt. Providing the lustful twinks with a moment of respite. Before they reach the number 69, Kane rims Joey and fucks his mouth. Then, the top bends Joey over the edge of the bed. Giving him access to every inch of his dick.
Though the weekend is not yet finished. Cristiano is the final twink without some throughout this getaway. Cristiano enters the hosts’ bathroom after his partner cheats. And stealthily looks at his father, Greg Dixxon, as he takes a shower. Greg drags Cristiano into the shower to suck his cock when he sees him stroking himself. Greg discreetly fucks Cristiano and swallows the other father as his boyfriend, Nick Cranston, walks in. Enjoy gay porn dvd free Boys Weekend! Gay porn categories: Feature / Parody, Daddies, Incest Porn

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