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Boys With Toys 3



89 min.


Pascal White, Jeremy, Brad, Junior, Top Dawg, Zack Lemec, Alex Pernambuco, Tyson


Boys With Toys 3, Maskurbate Gay HD Porn Free – Zach came in to apply for a job as a waiter. He tried to leave as soon as I told him I had to work naked. After discussing the future salary he decided to continue the interview. I asked him to undress to see if he was a good fit for the job. Boys With Toys 3 Brad’s next challenge was the most difficult one yet. He had to insert his penis into a heavy-duty blowjob machine that I controlled, and he had to last at least 10 minutes before he came. Young Jr. was confident and charismatic, even though this was his first porn shoot. He didn’t even have to audition for the job. The photos he sent us on Facebook were proof enough that he was Maskurbate material.

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