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Breaking Black



135 min.


Cindy, Jim, Michael, Ben, Richard, Sameul, Jomo, Hashim, Hakim, Fred, Wilson


Breaking Black 80 Gays Gay HD Newest Porn Free – This time, we combine a couple of sexy Arab swallows for a change of flavor – Rwaji, you might remember him from a scene he did with one of the sexy black swallows a few weeks ago, and Hakim makes his Breaking Black debut in this bareback and fuck scene. The two Arab men start kissing and making out on the bed, Hakim gets Raja’s ass in the air, which he seems to like a lot. Hakim then sits on Raja’s raw cock and tries it, so to speak. Obviously, it hurts! Two Arab gays build their sexual momentum from fucking to sucking and fucking again. For those who started bareback fucking, this will be especially satisfying because Hakim is clearly squeezing his ass and it clearly hurts.

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