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Breeders Hotel



66 min.


Micah Martinez, Blake Houston, Link Parker, Jeremy Spreadums, Brendan Patrick


Breeders Hotel, SkynMen Gay Porn HD – Nothing like a seedy hotel for hot and raw breeding action. Boyfriends Brendan Patrick and Link Parker check in and Link can’t wait to check out Brendan’s sweet hole with his huge raw cock. He pounds the fuck out of the sexy bottom, breeding him good, but the horny fucker needs more dicks and ass. Brendan sends slutty stud Blake Houston to fuck Link’s hungry hole, and the two end up flip-fucking and mating. Micah Martinez and Jeremy Spradams check into the hotel and the smell of sex is still in the air as Micah puts a bullet in Jeremy’s big, beautiful bubble butt. Check into the Breeders Hotel… You will be glad you came.

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