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Bull Rider



80 min.


Lito Cruz, Greg York, Jack Panther, Chad Brock, Jack Holden, Joey Milano, John Andrews, Matt Sizemore, Chris Neal, Bill Marlowe


Bull Rider, Bareback Delivery Services Gay porn – When you think of bull riders, Lito Cruz and Chad Bullock come to mind, because these two are men at the top of their game. When it comes to riding hard, fast, and of course bareback, there is no holding them back. In this DVD, we see four more pairs, all of them eating into tight torsos and thick cocks, salivating and licking their asses like it’s their last meal. Whether they are devouring or dominating from top to bottom, watch these men spread their Bull Rider ass cheeks like butter while their ankles are grabbed, their holes probed, prodded, and fucked hard, in a frantic sex athleticism consisting of five scenes, all completely naked.

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