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Bum Fun Safari



129 min.


Kim, James Matarazo, Michael, Martin, Milton, Ronald, Toni, Sasa, Jack


Bum Fun Safari, 80 Gays Gay HD Porn Free – Two sexy African gays find a secluded beach hut to spend the weekend enjoying each other’s big dicks. Sasa and James spend a romantic day on the patio drinking wine, kissing and flirting to get in the mood. But it doesn’t last long and they decide to go inside and get naked. These two African teens can’t get their huge dicks out of their mouths! Wait until you see bareback fucking, Kim and Michael have never had gay sex before! The African Black Twink is very curious to see their sexual fantasies come true. They secretly get together and start to study each other. How will that huge black cock fit in his tight little hole now? That will be a problem! Two black African gays enjoy slow sex and gay bareback sex for the first time.

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