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Butch Bear



75 min.


Dale Savage, Jayson West, Emmett Frost, Skylar Cole, Victor West, Dante Kirkdale, Marc Angelo, Tate Taylor


Butch Bear Bear Films Gay Porn Download Free – We are all aware that bears come in a variety of shapes, ages, colors, and sizes. This is one of the most wonderful aspects of the bear community. Another fantastic feature is large, stocky, muscular bears humping like bears. That kind of raw, sweaty, unpleasant, spontaneous sex. That kind of sex in which your man enters into the room and you know you have to get down on your knees. The kind of sex where the greatest seat in the house is right on the dick of a fat bear. Hold on tight, because this fucking cheap motel bed sex is about to be ruined. While your man has sex outside, I’m going to fuck you on the couch.
That’s the kind of sex you can expect from Butch Bear’s Jason West, Victor West, Mark Angelo, Dale Savage, Emmitt Frost, Dante Kirkdale, Skylar Cole, and Tate Taylor. It’s a little sweet and a little brutal, with a bunch of whores thrown in for good measure. Butch Bear it all finishes with sexy males covered in come. It’s fantastic to be a bear.

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