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Candle Boys



81 min.


David Hollister, John Smith, Jonas Kaizer, Ollie Barn, Robert Smola, Timmy Cole


Candle Boys gay porn free download for Gay porn studio, Staxus, is sure with its intense and explicit depictions of young boy. Hot twinks engaged in passionate and rough sexual encounters with men. This new gay porn movie features four new scenes of intense and hot gay sex. First scene of the film transports viewers to a dimly-lit bedroom. Where two gorgeous twinks with muscular, pumped-up bodies and big. Twinks throbbing cocks are engaged in a passionate and fiery fuck session. Sexual tension builds as they strip off their clothes, revealing their hard, erect cocks. They can’t wait to sink into each other’s tight assholes.
Second scene features gay twink Ollie Barn as he takes on the submissive role. And allows himself to be fucked rough and raw by the talented Jonas Kaizer. Ollie’s hole is stretched to its limits as Jonas thrusts his big, hard cock deep inside him. The scene is full of intense and graphic sexual acts, including anal and oral sex. Third scene of the film is not to be missed, as the gorgeous Robert Smola barebacks and drills the tight and willing hole of the adorable Timmy Cole. The final scene of the film features the hot and horny David Hollister as he pounds and pummels the willing Jonas Kaizer. Full of hot and heavy sexual acts, including intense and graphic anal and oral sex.
New porn film from Staxus is a must-see for fans of gay porn and twinks. From passionate and fiery fuck sessions to rough and intense bareback drilling, this film has it all. Enjoy gaypornmovies Candle Boys.

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