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Caulk Job



120 min.


Chris Damned, Isaac X, Marco Napoli, Nate Grimes, Jack Andy, Devin Franco


Caulk Job Raging Stallion Gay HD Newest Porn Free – In Caulk Job, natural, fat men with thick, raw cocks go barefoot and into intense action. Director Tony DiMarco grabs a camera and puts on a hard hat to fuck six blue-collar men raw on the spot. If you need to fill your hole with big dicks while having a hard day at work, expect the folks at Caulk Job to do their job right and leave you begging for. Chris Damned catches Isaac Ixaak X and Marco Napoli in the act and takes turns joining them. Jack Andy is peeing in the toilet when Nate Grimes stumbles in and opens his passionate ass; Devin Franco is working late into the night on stilts and Jack Andy comes to keep him company and fuck his hole; Chris comes to check on Isaac’s work and fucks his ass on the scaffolding.

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