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Cheating Faith



188 min.


Pierce Paris, Derrick Dime, Bridger Watts, Arad Winwin, Markie More, Dante Martin, Tom Faulk, Dylan Knight, Johnny Torque


Cheating Faith, Next Door Studios Gay HD Porn – Two cunning cronies hatch a plan to seduce married heterosexual men, tormented by thoughts of infidelity, in the place they least suspect – the local church. Marky More and Dante Martin secretly posed as pastors and attracted potential clients with a scam website for disgruntled husbands. Marky and Dante pretend to be pastors and are ready to satisfy the most scandalous sexual desires of heterosexuals. Cheating Faith is Johnny Talc, Dylan Knight, Derrick Dime and Bridger Watts join Mark and Dante’s confusing game of unprotected sex, each discovering how far each can cheat his faith in the pursuit of pleasure.

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