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Cheating Men



89 min.


Dillon Diaz, Max Konnor, Titus McMasters, Avery Jones, Trent King, Mr. Cali, Aaron Reese, Armond Rizzo, Adrian Hart


Cheating Men, Noir Male Gay HD Porn – At hang Mr. Kali and super sexy Aaron Reese into sucking the long awaited cock. Then Mr. Kali’s brother-in-law Armond Rizzo suddenly interrupts and misses his brother-in-law’s cock. After some frolicking and pointing, the three decide if this is awkward or fun… they choose fun Armand and Aaron fight over Kali’s huge uncircumcised cock and they both say they want to taste Armond’s sweet ass Aaron and Kali take turns to fuck Armand’s and all three men explode in creamy, sweet ecstasy! Avery, your best friend’s boyfriend, spends too much time at her boyfriend’s house and it’s getting on her roommate’s nerves! Dillon is in love with Avery and Avery’s tight young ass! After some flirting in the shuttle, Dillon goes to the bathroom and Avery follows him. Some hot sucking, rimming and fucking follows! Cheating Men

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