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Cherry Busting 16



54 min.


Gerasim Spartak, Oto Useda, Pedro Ramos, Gregor Gilead, Martin Hovor, Jake Dante


Cherry Busting 16 William Higgins Gay HD Porn Fre – Igor Uganets takes a cherry bust cock courtesy of Gerasim Spartacus; Igor drops Gerasim and masturbates; Igor sucks that big erection very well and soon Gerasim’s cock is in his mouth. Gerasim then takes off his shorts, stands up and fucks Igor’s hot mouth once more; Gerasim makes Igor stand up again, this time sliding his hot ass onto his waiting cock. Igor takes the whole cock deep into his ass, riding it up and down, moaning with pleasure.
Cherry Busting 16 continues to masturbate, taking his throbbing penis all the way in. His fucking speeds up and he grunts as Gerasim pulls him out and jerks semen from his big cock all over Igor’s asshole. Gerasim thrusts the dildo in and out of Igor’s hole. Igor continues to masturbate himself, moaning as his cock reaches its limit. Otho is the first hole his cock enters. Oto moans as his hard cock is sucked into Martin’s passionate mouth. Martin looks into Oto’s eyes as he sucks that huge cock. Martin starts to gently fuck that tight hole as Oto moans and masturbates again.

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