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Christmas Wish Cum True



129 min.


Dante Colle, Johnny B, Roman Eros, Spencer Laval, Dalton Riley, Lance Ford, Darin Silvers, Ryan Jordan, Gunner


Christmas Wish Cum True Next Door Studios Newest Gay HD Porn Free – When Johnny B is on the roof as another famous stocking stuffer, he dreams of having a holiday friend to tend the garden. When Spencer Laval and Ryan Jordan wake up instead of looking after him, it’s an early Christmas wish. The party becomes three times more fun when Dante Corré’s best friend Roman Eros and his half-brother Ryan Jordan join in. Christmas Wish Cum True the tree and putting out presents will get Darin Silvers and Gunner in the Christmas spirit, but their activities on the couch will put them both on the naughty list. Lance Ford is not happy with his backlog of work and family responsibilities, and Dalton Riley’s partner decides that Lance has reached the limits of his potential and arranges a little date with Dalton’s first love, Roman Eros.

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