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Coach Seed



81 min.


William Seed, Matthew Parker, Trent King, Ian Greene, Calvin Banks


Coach Seed, Gay HD Porn Free – Black athlete Trent King didn’t know what to expect from his new football coach William Seed, but he had heard that he was really stubborn! However, he had also heard that William Seed was very demanding! When William arrives and quietly makes Trent and his teammates do push-ups and squats, Trent can’t stop staring at William’s hard ass. Soon William is teaching Trent new ways to do sit-ups and sucking his dick every time he comes! After a messy blowjob, William fucks Trent doggy style on a fitness ball and tells him to squat over his dick. Trent cums with huge cock in his ass and the pulls out and spills his seed all over the handsome athlete’s face.

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