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Creepy Handyman



142 min.


Jackson, Fillmore, Ian Levine, Brock Avery, Jacob Durham, Trenton Ducati


Creepy Handyman, KinkMen Gay HD Porn Free – The creepy Trenton Ducati technician was working in the toilet when Ian Levin walked in. While urinating in the toilet, Trenton grabs the poor boy and takes him to his hideout. Trenton tortures the bound stallion and then shoves his big dick up the guy’s ass. Suddenly, cop Jaquon Durham bursts through the door to rescue Ian, but because of his position, he’s unconscious. His worst fears come true as Creepy Handyman finds himself in the clutches of the Dread Handyman. Jacob is whipped and forced to swallow Durham’s hard cock. Candle wax is poured all over the officer’s body until his legs are bound and his ass is wide open.

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