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5 / 5. 1

Cruising Grounds



61 min.


Theo Brady, Alexander Muller, Max Wilde, Jacob Peterson, Paul Canon, Tyler Wolf


Cruising Grounds, Gay HD Porn – The singles cruise takes place on a deserted beach between the water and the forest. Paul Cannon heads to the beach, sits on a piece of driftwood and pulls out his big dick, a clear sign of male arousal. Finally, blonde twink Cruising Grounds emerges from the woods and greets Paul with a hungry kiss. Paul wants to eat Theo’s ass, so he finds a secluded spot in the woods, spreads out a blanket and then proceeds to lick Theo’s hard hole but not so privately, as two other men start watching them! Paul fucks Theo in doggy-style, sucking Theo’s cock and slim ass, riding Theo’s beautiful top until he comes, creating a hot show as he catches Paul’s big, hot load on his smooth chest.

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