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Cum to Your Senses



145 min.


Adam Ramzi, Alex Ink, Alpha Wolfe, Cole Connor, Drew Valentino, Liam Hunt, Lobo Carreira, Timothy Chance


Cum to Your Senses Download Gay Porno. Looking for Raging Stallion Studios’ most sexy and rough men? They are there under your nose in Steve Cruz’s award-winning all-sex video . Raging Stallion invites you to Cum to Your Senses. Where you may sniff out the best hairy males that smell good enough to eat. When stunning stud Alpha Wolfe discovers his roommate Drew Valentino covertly smelling his old jockstrap. He knows the hirsute hunk is ready for a flip-fuck right in the center of their living room. So begins a sequence of couplings that will undoubtedly excite the “holefactory” senses. Including Adam Ramzi taking a lengthy smell of a sweaty. Worked-out Liam Hunt before fucking him.
Then, the usually rough-and-ready Timothy Chance and eager reality star Lobo Carreira can’t get enough of each other’s odors. Sniffing the musk of feet, armpits, and assholes on a blazing hot pool day. Eventually transferring the flexible action indoors to their sumptuous bedroom. Next, Alpha pays a visit to Cole Connor and Alex Ink’s residence. Where he finds the two guys to be exceedingly receptive – even open to an unexpected three-way. After Alpha cums and runs, Cole and Alex connect with just one another in a down-and-dirty flip-fuck. That fills the room with the delicious redolence of sex. Enjoy Cum to Your Senses!

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