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93 min.


Cain Marko, Ian Holmes, Jack Dixon, Jack Vidra, Lawson James, Macho Dog, Mack Austin, Parker Matson, Ryan Carter


Cumback Download Gay Porno. If you could resurrect someone you’ve lost for one final fuck, would you do it? That’s the quandary confronting these gorgeous fathers in The Cumback. First, sexy muscle bear Cain Marko. His massive dick miss lovely muscle daddy Lawson James and his meaty, hairy ass. Next, attractive and eager bear Ian Holmes has been dreaming about Daddy Parker Matson since he left. He’s prepared to pay any amount to reclaim his massive cock. Sexy as fuck pooch. Macho Dog needs his father, Mack Austin, to fuck him with his large. Hairy cock one last time. Then, hairy muscular bear Jack Dixon desires one more hour with his lost love, Jack Vidra. Ryan Carter finally gets one last chance to fuck sexy bear Beau Bennett’s huge ass, and he enjoys it to the fullest.

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