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Czech Hunter 12



120 min.


Unknow person


Czech Hunter 12 Gay Porn DVD Free Download. A welder from a tiny village, Patrik. He and I first spoke while he was traveling to a job interview. Everyone seeks to find employment in Prague as small communities are decimated by unemployment. The youngster was pretty intriguing and cute. To my amazement, he was fairly successful at betting and enjoyed sports. He won 200 000 Crowns on a football wager! Very impressive, yet he was one again bankrupt after spending all that cash. That was fantastic news for me. It didn’t take long before I had him naked in my flat because he wanted money. I didn’t just stare at him either. It would be a shame to miss the chance to fuck such a handsome and fit guy.
Finding any acceptable men was difficult because it rained the entire day. Feeling a little hungover and exhausted and was about ready to go home and lie down. I was just standing in the street contemplating my options when this handsome boy appeared. I had unwittingly stood in the way of his apartment building’s entrance, preventing him from just ignoring me like everyone else. We briefly discussed the region, and after he started to relax. Czech Hunter 12 made him an offer of money. He felt a little uneasy and ashamed. It was so adorably cute. We went to his apartment and made ourselves at home.

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