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Czech Hunter 18



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Unknow person


Czech Hunter 18 Hardcore Gay Porn Download HD Free. Today I visited Beroun, a little town near Prague. I was shocked to find the property still decorated for Christmas. I enjoyed my time there, but I needed company. Being alone would be lonely for me. I met Vitek while wandering around the main square. He was simply waiting for his pal on a park bench. I told him I was working on a survey and would compensate him for his responses. He was initially camera apprehensive, but money finally calmed him down.
As the weather became increasingly cold, I began my search in the metro station today. It didn’t take long for a youthful looking blond guy to catch my eye. after I approached him, he didn’t appear thrilled, possibly because of my camera, but after I promised him 2000 crowns, he consented to give me a short “interview.” From then on, he was a “open book”: he was coming from Ostrava, didn’t like his job there, and wanted to see what Prague had to offer.
I went to town hall today to get my new driver’s license. You already know that I never leave the house without my small camera. Actually, the weather was pretty annoying because it was snowing again. When I saw this guy passing by, I didn’t bother. He wasn’t particularly chatty, and when we did start talking, he seemed a little odd. Perhaps he didn’t want to chat to a stranger. However, I discovered that he traveled to Prague to go shopping Czech Hunter 18.

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