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Czech Up 32



61 min.


Max Filipi, Stefan Vrbic, Robin Tesarek, Jeremy Robbins, Radek Ulba, Ethan Wilder


Czech Up 32 William Higgins Gay Newest Porn Movies Download Free. Robin Tesarek arrives at Dr. Jeremy Robbins’ clinic for a Czech Up. Robin is welcomed and instructed to take off his t-shirt by Jeremy. Jeremy uses a stethoscope to listen. In order to inspect his back as well, Robin turns around. Jeremy positions him on the examination table and begins to look at his neck. To be examined, Robin pops his mouth open. Then, while Jeremy keeps inspecting the neck, he turns his head side to side. Then it’s time to examine Robin’s privates.
When Radek Ulba shows up for a Czech Up because to a hurting back, Ivanek Ukara is already in the doctor’s office. Radek is instructed to take off his clothes and lay on the examination table after Ivanek thinks he has to inspect the back. Radek is only wearing his underwear as he lays on the table. Ivanek applies oil to Radek’s back and starts massaging it. Ivanek massages Radek’s lower back while using additional oil. While he works, he slightly lowers his underwear. Ivanek also massages Radek’s ass cheeks while he works on the back. He works on the shoulders as well before removing Radek’s underwear completely to expose the ass. As he massages them, his hands spread out the ass cheeks. That reveals Radek’s flaw.
Stefan Vrbic approaches Dr. Max Fillipi for help with a stomach ailment. Stefan is instructed to take off his t-shirt by Max, who then says he will investigate. He then turns Stefan around to inspect his back while using his stethoscope to listen to Stefan’s chest Czech Up 32. Max then checks Stefan’s vital signs. Then, while he checks the situation, Max presses his hand against Stefan’s stomach and instructs him to take off his shorts as well.

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