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Daddy So Big



123 min.


Daryl Richter, Liam Greer, Aaron Trainer, Jack Dixon, Chandler Scott, Brendan Patrick, Hans Berlin, Joe Parker, Vic Rocco, Jake Morgan


Daddy So Big, Pantheon Productions Gay Porn – Daddy So Big is what we all want. These top daddies are big in every sense of the word: big muscles, big personalities, and of course, big dicks. First, we have Aaron Trainer and Darryl Richter, these two hung daddies who flip-flop fuck each other with intense passion. Next, super-hung daddy Jack Dixon feeds his massive meat to a starving Jake Morgan. Then, retro sexy daddy Joe Parker has a beautiful big dick and gives Liam Greer more than he ever imagined. Chandler Scott wakes up in need of hot Hans Berlin’s thick meat. Finally, Brendan Patrick annoys Vic Rocco enough to make him put the book down and take his big dick and fuck Brendan’s eyes out.

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