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Daddy’s Wet Playground



84 min.


Caesar Camaro, Bentley Michaels, Leo Luckett, Alexander Garrett, Timothy Rivers, Myles Landon, Dolf Dietrich, Alex Chandler


Daddy’s Wet Playground Pride Studios Gay Porn Movies Download – When Timothy spots Ceasar, the pool cleaner, he is at the hotel lounging in a chair reading a magazine. As they examine one another, Caesar starts to flaunt his physique while maintaining the pool. When he notices Timothy rubbing his hard cock against his shorts, he interprets that as a cue to approach. As soon as he approaches Timothy, Caesar kneels down and begins blowing his large, firm cock. When they returned to Timothy’s room, they made the decision to continue the action there, and Ceasar immediately began to worship Timothy’s firm cock even more.
Timothy flips Ceasar over so he is on his back and starts to blow his erect cock as deeply as he can. Ceasar is very happy he came to work today since his hard dick is covered in a young buck’s mouth. Timothy starts to lick all over Ceasar’s well-built ass after lifting Ceasar’s legs high in the air so he can get his tongue deep in his ass. Daddy’s Wet Playground wants that youthful dick deep in his ass because he can no longer tolerate it.

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