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Dads Do It Best



81 min.


Dale Savage, Killian Knox, Luke Stone, Magnum Stone, Paul Johnson, Ray Dalton, Reuben Foxxx, Steve Sommers


Dads Do It Best Download Gay Porno. Everyone understands that Dads Do It Best. When hot Daddy Bear from Down Under Magnum Stone sees silver daddy Paul Johnson. He’s immediately ready to suck that daddy dick like a champ. Then, incredibly gorgeous contractor daddy Luke Stone knows how to make his customer. Killian Knox, very pleased. Next, horny fathers Ray Dalton and Reuben Foxxx can’t get enough of each other while fucking by the pool. Magnum Stone, a hot Aussie Daddy. Requires some attention, so nurse Steve Sommers immediately begins nursing Magnum’s thick cock and eager hole. Finally, beautiful Silver Daddy Dale Savage performs a sizzling solo scene for our cameras. Displaying his powerful cock and tight hole.

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