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Dads Trip



81 min.


Dale Savage, Benjamin James, Lance Charger, Mack Austin, Jesse Zeppelin, Killian Knox, Michael Roman, Ray Diesel, Brian Bonds, Jake Morgan


Dads Trip Pantheon Productions Newest Gay Porn Movies Free – When these fathers go on a trip, it’s all for ass and dick. Dale Savage, sexy daddy, first steals some extra Benjamin James milk. Then Jake Morgan pretends to be injured in order to obtain the cock he sought from Jesse Zeppelin. Ray Diesel wants to appear innocent, but when he interacts with beautiful bartender Michael Roman, he reveals that it’s all a ruse. It’s the annual “Dads Trip,” and Mac Austin demonstrates how it’s done to towelhead Killian Knox. Finally, Daddy Lance Charger, who arrives late to the party, assists traveler Brian Bonds by allowing him to ride Daddy’s dick.

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