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Damn Fine Ass!



82 min.


Tristan Brazer, Jack Winters, Chandler Scott, Dimitri Kane, Rikk York, Mike Gaite, David Benjamin


Damn Fine Ass! Pride Studios Gay HD Porn – Tristan Brazier and Rick York decide to take a shower after a challenging workout, but when they discover it to be vacant, Tristan starts looking for some post-workout play. Chandler doesn’t find himself fucking strangers at the gym every day, but he also doesn’t come across strangers with fucking asses like Mike every day. Without wasting any time, Chandler Scott and Jack Winters go right to the point by sucking and fucking each other until their furry bodies are covered. Damn Fine Ass! his stylish motorbike, Dimitri Kane rides up to David Benjamin’s house with something to say regarding his wife and their friendship.

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