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Dear Johnny



82 min.


Johnny Rapid, Reign, Tyler Cortez, Daniel Dean, Vander Pulaski, Cade Maddox, Dalton Riley, Devin Franco


Dear Johnny NakedSword Newest Gay Porn Free. Superstar Johnny Rapid frequently receives letters, emails. Tweets, and other types of messages from fans and other. Porn stars telling him about their craziest fantasies involving him. Or their sexiest hookups for him to enjoy. In “Dear Johnny,” a brand-new film from NakedSword Originals and acclaimed director Edward James. Johnny gets sexy reading some of these “Dear Johnny” letters and recreates. The naughty dreams and steamy tales specifically for you!
When Vander Pulaski picks up. Johnny Rapid off the side of the road and has his hole bred raw. His vision comes true. Devin Franco’s need to be drilled by his mechanic Reign’s powerful tool finally gives through after years of seeking it. During his raucous family gathering, Cade Maddox finally got to punch his cousin Tyler Cortez, which he informs Johnny about. Johnny Rapid accepts an invitation from his boyfriends Dalton Riley and Daniel Dean to participate in their three-way fantasy with him. You should tell Johnny about your desires because who knows? He just might make them come true! Feature Group Sex gay porn parody Interracial sex men. Oral Outdoors Plot Oriented Public gay Sex Swallowing Threesomes suck dick porn free download HD.

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