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Deep In There



95 min.


Tony DeSergio, Asher Devin, Seth Stark, Alan Kennedy, Toby Springs, Jimmie Slater, Trey Turner


Deep In There Pride Studios Exclusive Free Gay Porn HD – Seth explains to Toby that he is bothered by his enormous dick since the other guys are scared of him. He should whip out his dick, says Toby, who assures him that they are best buddies, so he can understand why they are evading his gigantic dick. Jimmy is waiting for a hot guy to show up at his warehouse since he has located him. When Alan arrives and starts looking about the warehouse for random components, Jimmy stops him right away since he came to see the gigantic dick. Alan swells up when Jimmy smacks his firm dick, revealing that he has a huge, juicy dick.
To test the hypothesis that Trey and Asher have larger dicks than Jay, they simultaneously remove their shorts to display their respective dicks. They all take turns admiring how huge and hard each other’s dicks are, not wanting to lose this opportunity. When Deep In There Alan enters and sits down at his desk, Sasha is enjoying some downtime in his office while viewing porn.

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