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Desire to Fuck



90 min.


Dante Colle, Justin Matthews, Solomon Aspen, Carter Woods, Collin Simpson, David Skylar, Elliot Finn, Leeroy Jones, Lance Ford


Desire to Fuck Next Door Studios Gay HD Porn Free – If there’s one thing Aspen and Dante Colle’s stepbrothers like better than cooking for their mom, it’s picking up strangers and having sex with them. Neither wants to get too involved, but when they pass Lance Ford hitchhiking in his shorts, they realize they’ve stumbled upon a gold mine. But as the men put on their boots, Ford is anxious to hide the bulge in his pants. Elliot Finn and Colin Simpson shooting baskets. When they enter, their sexy, tight bodies are on display. Desire to Fuck – Justin Matthews hires David Skyler as his personal chef. Raw broccoli and overcooked meat appear.

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