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88 min.


Chase Ryder, Alex Tikas, Jax Hammer, Julian Torres, Aaron Trainer, Atlas Grant


Dick-N-Fur Pride Studios Newest Gay HD Porn Free – Chase Ryder and Jax Hammer are kissing in the bedroom, exploring each other’s bodies with their hands and their lovemaking soon starts to heat up. They take turns worshipping each other’s muscles, easily falling into a love 69, drowning in love and moaning with pleasure. When Aaron Trainer returns from his weekend, he can’t stop talking about how good it was. Dick-N-Fur man is only thinking about Aaron’s cock. He wants to leave, but now that he’s back, he quickly undresses, intent on making up for lost time. Muscular Julian Torres and Alex Tikas are, shall we say, in the center of the crown and they are happy to be together. They feel you are not here to monopolize them, you are here to be part of their lives.

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