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Doctor Tapes 2



153 min.


Andrew Powers, Bar Addison, Darron Bluu, Jesse Zeppelin, Marco Napoli, Mason Anderson, Trent Summers


Doctor Tapes 2 Gay Porn DVD HD MP4 Free. There are medical professionals who focus on helping boys grow into healthy men. They provide a variety of treatments. These in-depth examinations are archived in Doctor Tapes 2. These examinations, which range from complete rectal exams to the collection of semen samples. Have been videotaped and are offered here to support your personal health and well-being. When Cameron Basinger visits Dr. Jesse Zeppelin for his yearly physical. He admits that he has been struggling to keep an erection during sex after being carefully checked. Fortunately for him, Dr. Zeppelin is prepared to give him a semen injection. A particular treatment that will increase his libido. At that very moment.
Mason Anderson visits Dr. Trent Summers and informs him that he hasn’t been able to get aroused recently. Dr. Trent says that he would be pleased to treat the patient with a semen dose either orally or anally at that very moment. Mason is content to receive this treatment. Will soon be aware of all that it involves. Darron Bluu, a young talent, goes to see his regular doctor. Marco Napoli, who wants to complete a comprehensive exam before Darron leaves for school. Marco performs a few medical examinations on Darron in an effort to ensure his sexual wellness. After giving Darron a clean sheet of health. Dr. Napoli wishes him well and invites him to return for his yearly exams.

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