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Dominate My Hole



126 min.


Justin Matthews, Johnny B, Dante Martin, Romeo Foxx, Jamie Steel, Dante Foxx, Anthony Moore, Carter Woods, Chris Blades, Ryan Jordan


Dominate My Hole, Next Door Studios Gay HD Porn Free – Driven by a desire to check his girlfriend’s hole, Chris Blades turns to his sons for advice. Good friends Justin Matthews and Carter Woods tell him they’ll break him first so he knows what to expect. When Anthony Moore comes home to find two of his hires having sex instead of cleaning, he realizes that there are two lessons to be learned, depending on how you look at it: Dominate My Hole ‘Don’t hire hot guys to clean or you’ll find them fucking’ or ‘Always hire hot guys to clean because they’re more likely to fuck. Carter Woods, Johnny B and Ryan Jordan had a three-game weekend.

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