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95 min.


Dante Colle, Ricky Larkin, Riley Mitchel, Bar Addison, Jack Kross, Thyle Knoxx, Ryan Bones, Oliver Smith, Trevor Laster


Domination Gay Porn Movies Free BROMO for gay top net. Dante Colle enters a bizarre area after following a hallway to a door with the word “LUST” written on it. The only thing this room is missing is a hot top with a large dick. And soon he enters, masked and covered in PVC from head to toe. The room is decorated with bondage gear and has a sex swing in the center. Following a rough stripping and pushing into the swing. Trevor Laster calls Dante forward and teases him with a large. Black dildo before slowly inserting it into his ass. Dante groans with delight as Trevor shoots hot jizz all over his ass before bottom jacking his own cock till he cums. Trevor makes Dante surrender as he fucks him and sucks his hole.
For doms Ryan Bones and Jack Kross, it’s just another day in the dungeon. They start whipping sub Riley Mitchel as they prepare his ass for a beating he won’t soon forget. Before stuffing all of Riley’s holes with their hard cocks. The doms tie up his testicles and use a dildo to prepare his tight asshole.
Gay Porn Movies Domination innocent twink Bar Addison enters a warehouse covertly to see Ricky Larkin. A large, bearded hottie, put on his bondage gear and play with his big, firm cock. After finally spotting Bar, Ricky pulls him over to the bed. Tears off his shirt and takes off his jeans. And then secures a metal cock ring around his hard-on. Ricky drops hot wax all over Bar’s back and his reddish ass. Before Bar suckers Ricky’s cock by touch while wearing a blindfold. Enjoy top gay porn Domination!

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